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I was shocked to learn that most homeowners don't know this.  You can extend the warranty for parts on most major brands of furnaces and condenser units (split units), simply by going online or calling within 60 days of purchase.  


You might want to check if this applies to your furnace or air conditioning unit before you purchase it.  It was true in all the major brands that I called, applied to most of their products.


You will need the serial number along with the model number and installation date.  Couldn't be any easier to add another 5 years onto your standard warranty.


This extends it from the standard 5 year base warranty to an extended 10 years!  That's right, DOUBLE!!


I don't know why most technicians don't tell people when they install the units.  When I asked my sellers, none of them knew this.  One of them just had an inducer motor go bad just shy of her 10 years.  Needless to say that none of it was covered :(.


This was the inspiration behind this blog post.  Please let me know if this helps you and you are able to extend your warranty because of this post, or it you recently had a furnace installed and were never told this.  I would love to hear about your experiences.